VA-ALERT: Legislative Update 2/13/08

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Subject: VA-ALERT: Legislative Update 2/13/08

Good news!

I attended the Senate Courts of Justice committee today. Two pro-gun
bills were reported out and head to the Senate Floor:

HB 529, Delegate Pogge, allows you to pay $10 to get a new permit with
a change of address if you want one. It also says that when you get
your permit renewed, the effective date of the new permit will begin
on the date the old permit expires.

HB 873, Delegate Johnson, clarifies that proof of training for a CHP
does not expire.



Let's urge the House to pass Senator Hanger's restaurant ban repeal,
SB 476:

Let's urge the Senate to pass Delegate Nutter's bill to prevent
dissemination of concealed handgun permit information, HB 982:

Let's urge the Senate to pass Delegate Carrico's bill to put teeth in
Virginia's firearms preemption laws, HB 371:

Let's urge the Senate to pass Delegate Janis' "castle doctrine" bill,
HB 710:


Tomorrow at 7:30 AM (ugh!) the Senate Courts of Justice Criminal
subcommittee is going to hear Delegate Janis' "castle doctrine" bill.
I will be there to speak for the bill.


As promised earlier, here is the audio of the debate and passage of
Senator Hanger's restaurant ban repeal bill on Tuesday on the Floor of
the Senate. It is about 15 minutes long:

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