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I encourage you to call the capital and ask to leave a message with Speaker Curtis and Rep. Urquhart. If you can't make a call, cut and paste the email message and be sure to include a subject line like "Please release SB 67 and HB 473 to House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee." Many times only the subject will be read. No need for a long or carefully written email. Just be polite and to the point.


Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 12:44:40
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Subject: GOUtah! Alert #285

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GOUtah! Alert #285 – 14 February 2008

Today’s Maxim of Liberty:

"No Free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."

-- Thomas Jefferson


Two good gun-related bills, SB 67 (the “parking lot” bill) and HB 473
(the “open carry” bill) are languishing in the House Rules
Committee. The Rules Committee is the committee that assigns a bill
to a standing committee in the House. The bill then gets heard and
debated and voted on by the standing committee to which it has been
assigned, and if the standing committee approves the bill it forwards
it to the floor of the House where it gets debated and voted on by
the entire House. If the bill passes the full House, it must then go
to the Senate (if it hasn’t already been there), where it gets
assigned to the Senate Rules Committee to start the same sequence
over there.

So you can see that it takes many steps to pass a bill. But as long
as a bill stays in the Rules Committee it goes nowhere. Bills have
been known to die simply because the Rules Committee (in either the
House or the Senate) simply sits on them.

SB 67 passed the full Senate and now needs to pass the House. This
is Sen. Mark Madsen’s bill to prohibit employers from banning legally
possessed firearms that are kept locked and hidden from view inside
an employee’s car out in the parking lot.

HB 473, sponsored by Rep. Curt Oda, clarifies the current law
regarding the open carrying of a loaded firearm by someone who has a
valid concealed-weapon permit. Some people have looked at the
current law and have concluded that it’s already legal for a permit
holder to openly carry a loaded firearm in any location where it
would be legal for him to carry concealed.

However, BCI (the state agency that issues and regulates concealed-
weapon permits) and the Utah Attorney General’s Office appear to be
reluctant to issue official opinions to this effect, and some state
authorities seem to think that the language of the current law is
ambiguous in this regard. We don’t see the ambiguity ourselves, but
then we’re not lawyers. HB 473 would eliminate any ambiguity that
might exist in the current code and would make it explicitly legal to
openly carry a loaded firearm (with a valid permit) in any location
where it is already legal to carry concealed.

GOUtah! supports both SB 67 and HB 473.

The longer these two good bills remain in the House Rules Committee,
the less chance they have of passing.


Please contact House Speaker Greg Curtis and House Rules Committee
Chairman Steve Urquhart and politely encourage them to assign HB 473
and SB 67 to the House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee
as soon as possible so that these two good bills may move forward.

House Speaker Greg Curtis
Home phone: 801-943-3091
Capitol phone: 801-538-1029
Fax: 801-326-1544

House Rules Chairman Steve Urquhart
Office phone in St. George: 435-656-4424
Capitol phone: 801-538-1029
Fax: 801-326-1544

That concludes GOUtah! Alert #285 – 14 February 2008.
Copyright 2008 by GOUtah!. All rights reserved.


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Dear Rep.________________________:

As a Utah voter and a law-abiding gun owner, I encourage you to
expedite SB 67 (Sen. Madsen’s parking lot bill) and HB 473 (Rep.
Oda’s open-carry bill), and I respectfully request that you please
endeavor to get these bills assigned to the House Law Enforcement and
Criminal Justice Committee as soon as possible.

Thanks for taking time to consider my opinion on this matter.


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