Okay Bama Boys,

This morning (while skipping my Sociology and Political Theory classes), I gave Senator Holley's office a call. He wasn't in, but I spoke with his secretary and left her my information and my concerns so I will be talking with him personally next Teusday afternoon.

SB 18 is in the Senate now. Short hand: College Students can carry with license IF ROTC members.

As I'm sure we all agree, this is perposterous. It's time to call our reps and let them know what we think about it. Later this evening when I get out of class, I will be typing up a letter that we can ALL use to send to our Senators (Rick, Kurt, if you guys can wiggle us up a nice little letterhead for the ALFRA in a hurry, I can make a standar word .doc for download here).

I will also be contacting the only other SCCC campus leader in the state that I know of at Auburn to see about a joint campus operation on this issue. I am going to be printing flyers to hang around my campus and try to generate some interest in the subject, which will likely follow the format available at the SCCC website. Asa student, I will be doing my part, but we cannot do it without support from all of you who aren't students. Talk to your friends and get them involved. Get everyone to call as many offices as you can. We WILL be heard. Let's not let an NIU or a VT happen here before our politicians wake up and realize the error of their ways! GET ON YOUR PHONES NOW! It takes literally five minutes, and you will have helped!

Please Please Please. From a university student who is disarmed everyday and forced to walk around like a fish in a barrel, help us push a revised form of this bill through!