Well everyone, the Alabama Firearm Rights Association really seems to be taking off.... FINALLY!


We've got some new links put up on the (still somewhat temporary) homepage, but best of all, our forum is up and running!

That said, I personally will be spending less time here at OCDO, but I, hopefully like all of our members at ALFRA, will still be here too. Just not as much .

I want to thank everyone that worked on getting the project running. Also like to thank Grapeshot for being the third party that kept poking us in the butt with a cattle prod trying to make us do something! Thanks to whoever set up the IRC channel for OCDO as that is how we have been doing most of our organizing.

I'd also just mainly like to thank, on behalf of all of the ALFRA founders, the creators and members of OCDO for giving us a place to come together with our common ideas and form our own project: a very much needed pro 2a organization in the State of Alabama.

Thanks again OCDO!

Andrew Mathis
Co-founder ALFRA