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NIU Murders Illustrate The Dangers of Victim-Disarmament Zones
On February 14th, while most Americans were celebrating Valentines Day, a predator was murdering helpless victims on the campus of Northern Illinois University.(1) Had there been even one legally armed professor, staff-member or student present, this tragedy might have been prevented. But this was not possible since Illinois is one of only two remaining states which completely denies its citizens the right to carry a concealed handguns for self-defense.(2) Additionally, employees and adult students at the other 48 states’ colleges and universities are often denied their self defense rights under threat of administrative sanction such as was the case at Virginia Tech.(3)

After the tragedy at Virginia Tech, gun-control advocates assured us that even more gun-control would guarantee that such an event could never happen again. But the Valentines Day attack at NIU occurred in Illinois which already has some of the most restrictive gun control policies in the nation. Clearly the disturbed predators who commit these crimes care nothing for the law. They have seen the infamy that is to be gained by committing these atrocities and carefully plan their attacks to take place in a venue where they are guaranteed to meet no resistance.

This makes the second such attack in as many weeks and in both, the pattern remains constant - a crazed predator with a desire for infamy, defenseless victims, ending with suicide for the attacker.(4) Given that they have decided to die alongside their victims, neither laws not punishment will stop them and as everyone knows, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away!

The only sound public policy that consistently provides for the public safety is to ban Victim-Disarmament Zones. To that end, we applaud the South Dakota legislature for, in the immediate wake of the NIU murders, moving full speed ahead to follow Utah’s lead and preempt state colleges from banning otherwise lawful student gun carry.(5)

The facts can no longer be denied; gun control and the policies of victim disarmament enable these crazed killers to leisurely pursue their twisted goals. Simple logic dictates that these types of attacks will continue to occur as long as the predators can be assured of defenseless victims. demands that those who create these victim-disarmament zones be held accountable for the clearly foreseeable failure of their policies.

How much blood must be on the hands of victim-disarmament advocates before they will admit that their morally bankrupt policies do nothing more than set the stage for future attacks?

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