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Thread: Idea for Marylanders

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    I had the idea to start a dedicated grassroots gun rights campaign in MD.

    I would suggest asking the man from for permission to print some of his wonderful and powerful imagery, or purchase right to do so, and post the images all over various county seats and other towns/cities across Maryland.
    Combined with some hanging of banners over highway bridges, leaving pamphlets and business cards around, and combined with a strong internet presence (a url to place at the bottom of all the pamphlets and what not that will display various gun facts and laws from the neighboring states surrounding Maryland that are much more liberal with their gun laws...) perhaps Marylanders could pull a Ron Paul and at the least get the issue into the mainstream of MD politics and public opinion.

    Though I left my homestate years ago to attend school in VA, and mostly over this issue decided to stay, I am determined to help my fellow old-line-staters, family, and friends there in the fight for their right to carry the means to self defense.

    I myself know a good deal about design for print and am a web developer by trade so none of these things outside of banner creation is outside of my area of expertise or ability to contribute or lead. If anyone has any suggestions or comments please reply.

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    Take a look at the
    web site <>

    That is about as close to a grass roots activist site as you can get. There are a few others, but we all have the same problem; small and relatively inactive groups. We suffer from the 5/95 problem, 5% of the people do 95% of the work.

    Bob Culver, MCSM

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