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Thread: Weapon Retention Training??

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    OK, I'm sure most (if not all) of us here on have had some sort of weapons training as far as how to hold your gun, aiming, hitting your target, clearing of malfunctions, etc...

    I'm wondering if anyone here has had (or has considered) any sort of additional training on RETAINING your weapon? Regardless of your retention level of your holster, too!

    I'm talking about real-life possibilities:

    -what to do if someone approaches you from the side (or behind) and tries to grab your gun?

    - what to do if you feel a tug on your gun?

    -what todo if a group of people comes towards you with the intent on grabbing your gun?

    - what defenses there are against someone who may have already gotten your gun?

    You get the idea I think. Basically, I'm talking about a specific kind of self defense class, geared towards people who open carry a firearm, and how to handle different situations that may happen while keeping your weapon in your possession, to successfully defend against attackers or gun-grabbers.

    If you've had such "additional" training, where'd you get it? What was the class called? How much was it? Etc?

    Thanks for any info and insight. This is something I wonder about from time to time while OCing.
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    As for me, I found unarmed combatives training quite helpful in becoming more proficient at weapon retention. Most police officers learn these techniques in the Academy.

    On the civilian side you can benefit from combatives training using a rubber training weapon ora squirt gun to simulate the firearm. Open-handed combatives training can be very handy in this way, and I highly recommend it.

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    Googled "gun retention" and came up with an interesting piece. http://www.personaldefensesolutions....ntoYourGun.pdf

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