Started writing this as a reply in another forum here, to an idiot editorialist in WI and his moronic article. This started sounding so good I thought it should stand on its own.

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I was looking at some old stuff of mine from 14-15-16 years ago, and the cynicism in my writing and drawings is rampant- making fun of the NRA for example. But through all the anti gun looking fluff, I still maintained a pro gun stance. Full maturity was still years away. However I was not against learning about this "other culture" that was so different and "scary". I went so far as begging a college friend to take me shooting with his dad, and we did it twice.

After college I had to learn that hunters aren't all trashy rednecks, then later came the " I CAN kill varminty animals" lesson. Then OMG I bought my first gun! This was for dispatching some of said animals.

I came full circle this last year, after VA Tech I woke back up again to the gun issues. All those years and I didn't realize there was this whole concealed carry thing popping up in state after state. I had to cheer for that one! However my own state is mired in the Liberal Dark Ages.

It is funny to look back on my own progression this last year of learning to get over the fear of guns. To begin with, the critter dispatcher gun was always an object I loathed and was embarrassed about, and used only for those unlucky raccoons, possums and the occasional highly aggressive fox. Then came my friend bringing his .45 by ( I begged him LOL). He left it here after we did some shooting that day, and when it was late at night I went to OMG hold it and look at it. I was so embarrassed and felt ashamed. It took a number of these little sessions to help me get over this feeling of being alone with an "evil gun".

Eventually I got jealous of my friend and his .45, and had to have my own supercoolsemiauto. SoI started looking into XD's and decidedI liked them. I had to save the money up first, but when I had that money I went for it! Thus was the purchase of an XD40 for my birthday, bought on Sept 11 to as to snub Osama bin Laden- or something. My birthday is actually in early Oct, but I wanted to do this before I spent the money on something else, plus MD's 7 day waiting period pushed things up a week as it was. Oh I was so nervous and excited! I also felt very naughty. This feeling of naughty lasted a good while, many weeks, then suddenly I started carrying around the house and property in leather holsters I had made. This was different, and it helped to boost my confidence to the point thatI wasn't feeling ashamed or embarrassed anymore. Baby steps you know.It got to the point that I felt the extreme need to buy a carry sized gun in case I decided to spring for that FL nonresident permit which is valid in PA, of which I live about 1 mile from and hang out in all the time. My own state of course hates me with its nutty may-issue status. So I give into it and buy an XD9 subcompact. What really compels me most is the blue heeler of a gov we have in MD, who is nipping at the heels of gun owners here. I figureI better buy what I can before he herds all us poor cattle( ie- gun owners)into the liberal run livestock trailer.