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Thread: Article About Causes of Mass Murders (Including Tech)

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    1. Old news

    2. the plural of anecdote is not data

    3. correlation /= causation\

    Yes, there is a "thread" running thru many of the mass murders. But I sure would not like to bet the mortgage on "that" thread being the one & only thing that needs to be attended to.

    I have no idea how to get some/many/all of these folks to call in to a suicide hotline before they get in the car to drive off and take their angst out on others. But maybe if they would leave a few more clues about what went wrong or why they decided to snap today as opposed to last week, maybe there would be a chance of dealing with them and their problems in a more productive way.

    OR - we could pass a law requiring everybody who is going to randomly murder one or more folks to get a permit 30 days in advance. Yeah! That's the ticket. It'd work, because "the authorities" could impose all sorts of conditions before the permit was issued. And maybe it could be "May Issue" instead of "Shall Issue"? Surely we RKBA folks would not object to that permit being "May Issue".

    stay safe.

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