Letting retired cops carry guns Monday, March 3, 2008, 12:30 AM By Andrew Beckett

A proposal at the Capitol could make it easier for retired law enforcement officers to carry concealed handguns.

Federal law already allows retired officers who qualify to carry a concealed firearm. However, State Representative Don Friske (R-Merrill) is worried about the lack of set standards. He says several Wisconsin cities and counties are already providing ID cards to retired officers, but there's no uniform system or design for those cards.

Friske is co-sponsoring legislation that would create statewide standards for granting permits to retired officers. He says the state needs to have more control over the process.

Without a standard ID, the former Deputy Sheriff is concerned it could lead to problems. Friske himself obtained a permit in Lincoln County about three years ago. Even though he doesn't carry, he's worried officers in other parts of the state would question the legitimacy of his permit if it ever came under scrutiny.

The bill is currently awaiting action in the state Assembly.