Clark Aposhian is doing a concealed carry permit class at the University of Utah this Thursday, March 6th from 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm. It will be held in the UoU student union building, Room 312.

(In Utah colleges are legally gun free school zones unless you have a permit, so if you don't yet have a permit, do NOT bring a gun onto campus. This class is NOT officially school sponsored and attendence at the class does NOT constitute school permission to have a gun present without a valid permit.)

You can arrive as early as 4:30 pm to fill out paperwork and get in line for photographs and fingerprints. The class is part of a fundraiser for the student pro-gun group. Also, the national CBS media will be present. Cost for the class is $25, cash or check.

Clark is looking for University of Utah students in particular, and college aged students/persons in general to attend this class. Some women would be great to have in attendance as well. With the media present, it is preferable if you not mind being photographed, video taped, or even asked if you'd like to do an interview following the class.

There are tight time constraints on use of the room, so the class has to end by 8:30 pm. Because of this, and due to the special price, Clark cannot guarantee to get your fingerprints and photographs done as part of the class. If you arrive at 4:30, he will do his best to get them done before the class starts, but he must start promptly at 5:00 to conclude the class by the time he loses the room at 8:30 pm. So you may have to get fingerprints and/or photographs on your own later. Most police departments will take fingerprints for a modest fee, Costco and other locations do passport photos.

Class is essentially first come first serve with prefernce given to UoU students, students at other colleges, and then all others, in that order. Feel free to pass along to other interested parties.