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Thread: OC Activities March 3rd: Various locations: Success

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    Went to lunch with a friend of mine, and then took her on the hunt for a perfect laptop bag, all while displaying my shiny new Glock 22.

    Lunch was at Plenty Buffett off of Eastman Parkway in Gresham.

    After that, we began the hunt.

    We interacted with staff at every one of the stores to ask them where the laptop bags were.

    First stop was the Samsonite outlet store in Troutdale. Not so much as a glance.

    Next stop: Across the mall to Totes. Nothin'.

    Then Best Buy, back near where we'd had lunch, just off of Division and Eastman. We'd already looked through the laptop bags, decided nothing was of interest, and were just browsing through the movies on the way out when approached by a Staff member, who asked me... *cue drumroll and dramatic music*

    ...What I carried. "Glock 22, 40 caliber". He thought it was awesome. Another staffer walked up, and asked Staffer #1, "So was I right? Is it a 9?" "Nope, 40." "Even better!"

    Staffer #1 asked me if I was getting my concealed. "Already got it." He then asked me, "So why do you need to carry it like that then?" -- not in a WTF-is-wrong-with-you sort of way, but more in a, I-have-some-knowledge-of-the-law-and-know-you-can-openly-carry-without-a-permit, but-why-still-do-it-if-you-have-a-permit... kinda way.

    My friend interrupted and said "For attention." She was just kidding, and she knows better, but I corrected her anyway. He kinda said something about how it would have the opposite affect anyway, because nobody would want to mess with a guy with a big ol' gun on his hip, and I told him that deterrence was actually one of the reasons I carried openly from time to time.

    Staffer #2 told us he was working on getting his concealed permit, and asked me a few questions about the process. I gave him some information about my experience, and then we all parted ways.

    All in all, quite positive.

    After that, tried office max, fred meyer, Wally world, and Target. (gresham, gresham, wood village, and fairview I think?). No reactions.

    All in all, I consider the day a success!

    Just a side note: Am I starting too many threads? Figured it might bring some more life to the Oregon forum, but I don't want to be annoying anyone either... especially as I'll be doing this pretty much every weekend from now on.

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    Wow sounds like a great experience. Very nice to see that no one gave you any problems at all.

    As for starting too many threads, at this point I have to so it's no problem at all. In fact, I'd love to see more activity on the Oregon thread - seems pretty dead at times.

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