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Thread: Del. Marshall running for Warner’s Senate seat

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    Del. Marshall tossed in his hat for a bid on the liberal Warner US Senate seat.
    What is the story on this guy?...if any.

    He is challenging Gilmore for the GOP nod as is unknown Bob Barry.

    Oh I forgot to keep this gun related....we need to make this seat pro-gun as opposed to the current anti-gun, therefore anti-freedom, Senator Warner.

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    I'll vote for Marshall without reservation. Very much pro-gun.

    Some recent highlights about Marshall....

    He carried multiple pro-gun bills in the House this session. He bucked the system when House leadership was sending one of them back to committee, effectively killing it.

    The bill that passed last year which gives the two transportation associations in VA the ability to levy taxes has been hotly contested by Marshall. Marshall filed suit in Alexandria to have this provision in that bill declared unconstitutional, but it failed. However, he appealled all the way to the VA Supreme Court, which last week, decided in favor of Delegate Marshall declaring that provision unconstitutional.

    I think we need more like him in office.

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