I Believe it was about 95 when I was comming back into the country at Port Hurony when they did a random search . Well, I don't carry a gun and the tire thumper just didn't seem to be enough.so I carried a stun gun, which I thought was the best non lethal defense. Viola, the hoosgow. I went to court about a month later, was greeted by someone supposedly there to defend me. My brother had a frat brother that was a lawyer, so I didn't really know who was who. Long story short, they explained I was a trucker just using it for self defense, it was in the sleeping cab,and was also in a sealed leather duffelbag. Last I checked, about a month ago, it was listed as improper transportation of a firearm(misdemeanor).From what I've been reading that should not keep me from getting a carry permit. HOWEVER, I know how delicate this process is. They can deny you if you fart in the wrong direction, and where I'm living now there have been a big increase in break ins burglaries etc. I have the house set up with multiple motion sensors in out buildings so that I'll know if someone try's anything in the middle of the night. Pluse, I have a big mercury vapor light, and don't miss an opportunity to go slrolling with my noggin thumjpin flashlight and my Glockright under that light so all my neighbors get the idea. And, no, my gunsafe is immobile unless you have a crane. Not such a short story after all. So, what are my chances of getting a permit? Not even a speeding ticket since. Just found this site and I love it. span.jajahWrapper { font-size:1em; color:#B11196; text-decoration:underline; } a.jajahLink { color:#000000; text-decoration:none; } span.jajahInLink:hover { background-color:#B11196; }