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Thread: OC'ed infront of 4 officers at the gas station...

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    I picked up my Sig 229R 2 days ago, and have a Blackhawk Serpa Level II holster. I've been open carrying for the most part on the last 2 days, and trying out different places. I've been to Wendy's, several gas stations, Meijer, and tonight I finally decided to try the OC infront of some officers. There were 4 officers at the 7-Eleven. I decided I'd pick up some pretzels and a drink.

    I walked in and picked up my pretzels, and then stood infront of the refridgerator for a while choosing what I wanted to get. They continued talking about other things, but when I walked over to the line at the register I could hear them talking about it. I heard briefly about "shirt covering....", and "never open..", etc, but nothing solid. None of them gave me any grief, but I definitely think they weren't too happy about me doing it. I figured I better try it infront of officers now in the evening without too many people just in case they decided to give me trouble for it. More practice with officers the better I can be with ones who decide to hassle me.

    My experience has been great so far open carrying. Not a single person has asked me anything, and no one has even really seemed to be disturbed by it.

    Just wish I could meet a few officers that endorsed it.

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    The only problem I have ever had in IN was when I stopped at a gas station near the IL state line to lockup.

    A few officers asked me why I was handling my weapon and I told them I'm getting ready to enter the People's Republic and did not feel like spending any time in jail.

    Both laughed and said good luck, that they even worry about carrying in IL also.

    I guess it wasn't really a problem after all.

    Good luck and keep OC'ing.

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