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Thread: As a CHP holder, how do you buy a gun from a private owner?

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    We are both NC LEO. So, exactly how would this process work? Do I have to get a permit? Purchase of sale? Keep receipts in an adamantium black box? Can anyone explain this process and give the law backings for it?
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    NC law says that the purchaser must present a copy of a current handgun permit to the individual selling the handgun. It does not say it has to be an origional copy, maybe you could photocopy it. I have purchased several handguns from individuals but I dont hace a ccw, just don't see the need, it may be worth the 5 bucks to get a regular permit for the seller to hold on to cuz it's their ass on the line. Or just pay someone with an FFL to do the transfer it's usually only a20-30 dollar fee and you're both covered.

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