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Thread: Open Carried on the Max and all over downtown...

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    So myself and a friend were bored, and she was stressed and needed to get out of the house for a while.

    I've been itching to OC on the max, ever since a thread was posted about it a while back (and in fact I'm working, albeit slowly, with Dave on the Oregon equivelant of the WGR pamphlet), so I suggested that we grab some all day tickets and go all the way to Hillsboro and back.

    So, we started out at the eastmost point (Cleaveland Avenue) and rode all the way to Hillsboro, stopping at Lloyd Center (surprisingly, nobody noticed, nobody cared... i wouldn't reocommend others try this, though... we were just runnin' in for a quick cinnabon), and went all the way to Hillsboro. Stopped in Portland on the way back looking for Italian Sodas from about 9:00-10:30. No, we didn't find any. We did ask the TriMet secuirty guard hanging around the square, though. (Sidenote: There were a ton of security guards starting at about Lloyd and ending around Beaverton, but didn't see a single transit police.) He didn't know where we could get italian sodas.

    So we wandered around some bars and restaurants asking for italian sodas, and at one point, to use the restroom. Then we hopped back on the train and continued back to Gresham.

    On this trip, I did catch somebody eyeing my piece, and they pointed at it and tried to get my attention. Normally, I'd be more than happy to engage someone who noticed in a conversation about my firearm (opportunity to educate!), but something about this guy just screamed "anti lookin' for a fight". Why an anti would try to pick a fight with somebody openly carrying a GLOCK 22 is beyond me... Maybe they wanted to try to be a martyr?

    Oh well... We'll never know because I trusted my instincts and ignored him. Just kept talking to my friend, acting like I didn't hear him (he was trying to interupt anyway, and didn't even wait for a break in the conversation...jerk). He gave up really quickly and didn't escalate his attempts to get my attention, so it must not have been that important. Besides, subduing the enemy without ever fighting is the true acme of skill. My mission for this trip was to expose people to Open Carry by regular old citizens, not necessarily to educate. If he was listening to our conversation (I'm sure he was), he would have quickly realized I was neither a cop nor a security guard, so in that sense, I avoided (what I sensed would have been) a nasty verbal confrontation and accomplished my mission. Nifty.

    Got home, went to bed. Really nothing to tell. Totally and completely uneventful. Might as well have been carrying concealed, except OC is WAY more comfortable.

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    Glad to hear that things went well. Sounds like you handed the "anti" situation well enough. Granted, it would be interesting to hear how the conversation would/could have gone. Even though you were looking to nit pick things out with him, it would be nice for more of these "antis" to be exposed to the truth.

    I'm just got done looking over the WGR pamplet. I would love to have one of these for Oregon, contains good information and can be used as your own personal reference for things and also for educating others.

    I'd be interested in doing some OC partipation a little later this year. I just received my CHL for Oregon and would like to get more exposure to legal issues and self defense tactics before carrying much on my own. A group experience could be a nice introduction to things and it wouldn't be having to stand my own ground immediately without the help of others.

    Also need to purchase a sturdy belt and OWB without spending *too* much cash.

    Let us know when you finish the Oregon pamplet.

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