Badger Guns in Milwaukee has these in stock. While I wouldn't carry any .380 as a primary weapon, I do think it an acceptable cartridge for a back up gun or deep cover concealment.

I compared the Ruger to the Kel-Tec 3-At as they are almost identical, and I own a 3-AT.
Almost the exact same size. the Ruger feels a wee bit heavier, and sturdier. Trigger pull felt the same.

The biggest difference is the Rugers grip is noticeably thicker. I don't believe this in itself would turn anyone off from buying one.

I'd like to get to shoot one. The Kel-Tec 3-AT is quite snappy. I'm guessing so will the Ruger be.

Assuming it's reliability will be the same as it's other firearms, I'm rating the Ruger LCP as being a good choice for a back-up or deep cover pistol.