From EM Dave Vann:

We all know that Virginia State Senator Dick Saslaw has twice now
trumpeted, on the floor of the Senate, that if anyone would dare to open
carry in a restaurant in Northern Virginia they would be immediately
kicked out. Well, we all know it's perfectly legal to open carry and we
also know that we've been doing it for years. So, it's about time for
not one, not two, but FOUR get togethers on consecutive Saturdays in the
good Senator's District.

Now, we're not going to tip our hand and say exactly where we're going
to have these dining experiences but we will have three lunches followed
by a really nice dinner on the fourth Saturday. I realize that not
everyone will be able to make all of these so what we're going to do is
start on Saturday, April 5 and finish on Saturday, April 26.

If you're interested in attending any of these Saturday dinning events,
send me an email at and I'll build a data base. A few
days before Saturday I'll send out an email to everyone telling you
where we'll meet (most likely a parking lot) and we'll go the restaurant
from there.

A major news organization has committed to going along with us and
documenting the three lunches and dinner and then doing a story on open
carry in Virginia.

As always, VCDL is not advocating that anyone carry, because the
decision to carry or not to carry is a personal choice that each of you
must make. However, if you do decide to carry, the restaurants we'll be
going to will probably serve alcohol, so to conform with Virginia law
you'll have to open carry in them.

Let's make this an event to remember for a long time with a large turn
out. We'll have a lot of fun. Please, dress appropriately. I try not
to ever tell folks how to carry but if you do, shoulder holsters are
probably not the best choice if you open carry.