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Thread: Campus Carry on NPR

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    Just listened to the NPR program "Here and Now", they ran a segment on campus carry, interviewed Brent Tenney, U of Utah student, Joe Kendall at Vir. Tech., and James Hardina, police commander at Arizona S.U. Not a bad piece, although for absolute balance, they should have had another pro-carry person to make it 2-2.

    Tenney sounds good, but it feels like they weren't giving him time to expound. Kendall is a "feel good" crainio-rectally inversion-challanged whiner. Hardina essentially contradicts himself several times. He apparently believes that crossing the invisible University property lineturns student gun owners into Rambos' with impulse control issues, andpolice into confused, trigger happyidiots who will shoot perp and victim alike in an indiscriminant hail of panicked gunfire.

    They're doing another gun-related item tomorrow, can't remember the topic.

    Replay of todays segment availableafter 1415EST here:

    It's on 98.9 FM at 1100 hrs here in the Pheonix/Tucson area.

    I'm cross-posting this in theNews section as well.

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    No surprise, I mean, it IS NPR.

    Good info, though.
    Why open carry? Because 1911 > 911.

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