Today is the last day to file to run for office in the State of Utah. Below is the latest alert from GOUtah! In addition to legislative and Statewide offices, there are also local school board elections. MOST of these remain uncontested and are a fine place to serve. Not a lot of directly, OC or even RKBA stuff going on there, but always a chance to encourage a shooting team, select textbooks that are not anti-RKBA, and to make sure we don't have to wage any major battles over RKBA in schools again.

Legislature and school board are "part time" positions and filing fees are VERY modest, generally about $20 or so. School board meets one evening a week, at most, plust some research time. The legislature meets full time for 6 weeks in January and February, then 1 day a month the rest of the year. If you are a government employee, you are guaranteed time off to serve. If you work private sector, you must arrange something with your employer, though many are quite willing to work with you on the theory there are worse things than having an employee serving in the legislature.


GOUtah! Alert #295 – 17 March 2008

Today’s Maxim of Liberty:

"A militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people
themselves...and include all men capable of bearing arms."

-- Richard Henry Lee


If you’d like to file to run for the Utah State Senate or the Utah
State House of Representatives (or any other public office, for that
matter), you’ll need to go to you local county clerk’s office before
5:00 pm today in order to do so, if you haven’t already.

In particular, we would like to see some good people running against
several key members of the legislative leadership. Below are some
high-priority races where gun-rights activists should consider
running. Note that if you wish to run in a given House or Senate
district, there are certain residency requirements (i.e. you have to
have lived in that district for a certain amount of time). Check
with your county clerk’s office for details.

If you have a friend or relative who you think would make a good
candidate and who lives in one of the following districts, please
contact him and encourage him to run.

Senate District 29: Rep. Steven Urquhart (R-75), the Chairman of the
House Rules Committee, is running for this senate seat in Washington
County. Rep. Urquhart was, in our opinion, the biggest single enemy
of gun rights and self-defense rights in the legislature during the
recently-ended General Session. We hold him responsible for killing
SB 67 (the parking-lot bill) in the House, as well as for hijacking
HB 473 (the open-carry bill) and turning it into an anti-gun bill.
If you are a affiliated with Rep. Urquhart's own political party
(Republican), your best bet to defeat Rep. Urquhart or to at least
cause political pain for him is to file as a Senate candidate for
Senate District 29 in that party so that you can run against him at
his party's Washington County convention, where you’ll have a chance
to give a speech to the delegates to inform them of Rep. Urquhart’s
treachery against gun owners. If you are affiliated with a different
party, you might want to consider running in your own party to oppose
Rep. Urquhart during the general election in November. Note: If you
are not currently affiliated with any party, you may or may not be
allowed to run as a candidate in a given party. Party rules differ
in this regard. However, you can still participate in any party's
local caucus meetings on March 25, though you may be required to
affiliate at the meeting.

House District 75: This is Rep. Urquhart’s House District, which is
now totally up for grabs. It would be good for someone who believes
in gun rights and self-defense rights to run in this district.

House District 49: This is House Speaker Greg Curtis’ district. He
is a Republican. He has not been a friend to gun owners in recent
years, and was in our opinion particularly unfriendly to us during
the recent session by allowing anti-gun Rep. Urquhart to run amok.

Senate District 16: This is Senate Majority Leader Curt Bramble’s
district. He is a Republican. He has, in our opinion, been a major
opponent of gun rights and self-defense rights during the recent
legislative session.

Senate District 14: This is the district of Senate President John
Valentine (a Republican). Back in the 1990s, Sen. Valentine was a
strong supporter of our cause. However, we have been disappointed
with his performance in recent years, particularly since he became
Senate President. Sen. Valentine has, in our opinion, done a poor
job of protecting our rights since he became Senate President. It is
our opinion that pro-gun bills have not fared as well since he became
Senate President, and that anti-gun bills have fared better since he
became Senate President. And, as President of the Senate, he bears
considerable responsibility for (a) how Senate bills fare in the
House, and (b) how House bills fare in the Senate. He wields
enormous influence, and it is our opinion that he has not effectively
used that influence to protect and promote gun rights and self-
defense rights since becoming Senate President.

The incumbents in the following three House districts have, in our
opinion, been long-time thorns in the side of gun owners and deserve
to be challenged:

House District 16: Kevin Garn, a Republican.

House District 19: Sheryl Allen, a Republican.

House District 26: David Litvack, a Democrat.

Finally, we'd like to see someone challenge Utah Attorney General
Mark Shurtleff. He has allowed one of his underlings to issue an
opinion regarding open carry which we believe is in conflict with the
Utah Code, and has thus far failed, in our opinion, to take a stand
on this important issue.

Also, if your Utah State Representative is on the following list, you
may want to consider running against him. These are the
representatives who voted in favor of Rep. Urquhart’s successful
effort to hijack HB 473 (an excellent bill) and turn it into an anti-
gun bill:

Aagard, Allen, Andersen, Barrus, Bigelow, Bird,
Biskupski, Brown, Chavez-Houck, D. Clark, S. Clark,
Cosgrove, Dee, Draxler, Dunnigan, Ferry, Janice
Fisher, Froerer, Gowans, Hemingway, Holdaway,
Hunsaker, Hutchings, Johnson, King, Last,
Litvack, Mascaro, McGee, Menlove, Morgan,
Moss, Neuenschwander, Riesen, Seelig, Snow,
Urquhart, Webb, Wheatley, Wiley, Winn.

There are also many minor offices up for grabs as well (school
boards, city councils, etc.) where you can get your feet wet if you
don’t want to try running for the legislature just yet. It’s fun to

That concludes GOUtah! Alert #295 – 17 March 2008.
Copyright 2008 by GOUtah!. All rights reserved.


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