Well well, here we got a good article on fox, that should prove useful for everything from open carry to machine guns, after all its individual rights not state run militias rights to own guns, which allways got me as the deffinition of militia mentions country run things but also inplys that its just a group of able bodied men http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/militia
the fox news article http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,338896,00.html shows us that for the first time since 1939 we're actually going to define what they ment in the 2nd amendment, and that gun banning and control only raises crime, also the anti-gun people have no real backing on their side.
With this article in mind, if its our idividual rights to bear arms, then I think that putting licences on guns (conceal carry/open carry) or making machine guns hard to get (ffl 03 licence, heavy tax, yearly renewal, expensive guns) is infringing on my rights.
I shall quote the great Thomas Jefferson by saying the reason why they ban guns is because they want complete control over us, as Jefferson said
"When the people fear the goverment it is tyranical, when the goverment fears the people there is liberty" Thomas Jefferson

I would hope this perhaps sparks some frever in us Texans, along with saying that the war agasint the santa anna we rallied up then, let us rally up now gents.
The battle of Gonzales, when 150 Mexicans came to claim back a brass cannon they gave Gonzales to fend off the indians, we Texans rallied forth and held them off, and in the famous words of Gonzales townsfolk "come and take it!" as they shot at the Mexicans, to which the Mexicans fled figuring the cannon wasnt worth getting killed over.
Here we are Texans, and the goverment is trying to take our brass cannons! rally forth and fight for our good cause!

Remember the Alamo!
Remember Gonzales!