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Thread: Holsters for Empty Holster days

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    Saw wondered if GMU or any other VA campus needs some empty holsters.

    Like most other handgun owners, I have the proverbial box of holsters (at least a dozen, probably more) that do not work, do not fit, do not look right, or otherwise do not get used.

    I'll be glad to donate them to the cause, on the condition that I get a receipt for tax purposes. I'd prefer that the recipient not sell the holster afterwards, but realize I cannot control that. I will ask, just for the record, that if they do sell the holster later they donate 1/2 of whatever they get to SCCC. Again, a request that cannot be enforced.

    Finally, I'll need someone to coordinate getting the holsters from Richmond to wherever they are needed.

    Send me a PM if you think this could work.

    stay safe.

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    I got this email this morning and suggested to Gary at MSSA that they might want to put out the word to gun owners, urging them to donate some of their box (ok, boxes) of unused holsters for this cause.

    Each state chapter of the Students for CC should post contact information so those with holsters to donate could get in touch with them. Somehow a "symbolic" holster isn't going to tell the same tale as a real one, expecially one that looks good and USED.

    Students for Concealed Carry on Campus have another "empty holster
    protest" coming up on April 21-25.

    The problem is, not many college students have empty holsters to wear
    during this week.

    So, MSSA is sponsoring a holster design contest that anyone may
    enter, but in which college students can win cash prizes. Entrants
    must submit a design for either a real-looking holster, or a symbolic
    holster, that can be easily constructed using materials readily
    available to college students.

    The contest rules and procedures are posted at:

    Please forward this to EVERY pro-gun college student you know (and
    parents or friends of college students). Students, post this URL and
    contest info wherever you like. Spread the word!

    Again, anyone, anywhere may enter the contest by submitting a design,
    but the $ prizes are reserved for Montana college students
    (Why? Because MSSA says so, that's why. They're poor, starving students.)

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