So right after the princess became a U.S. citizen, the second thing we did (after registering her to vote) was for her to apply for her CHP. Since then, she managed to lose it. So after searching for it and being unable to locate the permit, we decided to go to the Stafford county courthouse and obtain a replacement. The ladies in the clerk's office were very helpful. They gave the princess the form to complete. Once completed, it cost us $10 for the replacement. We could have hadthe replacement almost immediately, however the Clerk of the Court was in a meeting in another building so they asked if we would be able to return later that day. No problem, we came back a few hours later and the permit was ready for the princess to pick up. :celebrate

No problemsencountered and the staff was very helpful.

A side note: Onthe way in through the security checkpoint, the deputy sheriff saw my EMPTY holster on my belt under my jacket. He asked for me to open my jacket, recognized theempty holster and said, "thanks for leaving it in the car." Iresponded,"Yeah, I don't likebeing arrested." I still set off the scanner alarm. Thought I was going to have to remove my shoes but the deputies just asked for me to raise my trouser legs to ensure that I didn't have any ankle holsters or weapons in my shoes. All in all, Stafford county is a pretty decent place with some good deputies.