The United States Supreme Court is hearing a case that will clarify, once and for all, the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. They started hearing arguments Tuesday on whether a Washington D.C. law that bans handguns is constitutional.

The decision will define, for the first time, whether the right to bear arms belongs to the individual, or State as a collective. But no matter how the case is decided, it may not have an impact on you in Wisconsin. “Here in the state of Wisconsin, I don't think we'll see very little change whatsoever”, said Buster Bachhuber, who’s on the Board of Directors for the National Rifle Association.

He says that's because Wisconsin’s state constitution, along with 45 other states, includes the right for individuals to own guns. However, Wisconsin is one of just two states, along with Illinois, that prohibits the right to carry a weapon for protection. But this ruling, Bachhuber says, likely won’t impact that law.

Bachhuber and local law enforcement say those who follow the law, and own their guns legally aren't the ones who usually cause a problem. "No thugs read the statute book, or we'd have no murders, we'd have no crack cocaine on the streets if you followed the law”, Bachhuber says. “But they don't, so having more laws only affects those who are voluntarily following the law."

Kronenwetter Police Chief Dan Joling says he believes being able to own a weapon is an important right. But he says it comes at a great responsibility. "A decision you make in a split second, you stand to lose a lot”, said Joling. “A bad decision could cost you everything you've ever worked for."

Bachhuber says a decision in the Washington D.C. gun law case is expected in June.