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Thread: Several Gun Bills Introduced in the Louisiana Legislature!

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    Ok, folks- this is very serious. We have a couple good bills and several very bad ones. We need to get rolling on this stuff.

    There is too much info to post is all here (took me 7 hours to track it all down), but I formatted a web page just for this update:

    LA ALERT March 20th, 2008

    HB68 (Vote NO!) Richmond has re-introduced his assault weapon ban that we defeated last year.

    HB199 (Vote YES!) Wooten has introduced a bill that authorizes concealed handgun permit holders to carry concealed handguns on college campuses.

    SB142 (Vote YES!) Scalise has introduced a bill that Provides for the confidentiality of certain information submitted to the deputy secretary of public safety of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections to obtain a concealed handgun permit.

    HB399 (Ambiguous) Wooten has introduced a bill that amends the concealed carry statute regarding training requirements and reciprocity.

    HB78 (Vote NO!) Richmond has introduced a bill that prohibits certain offenders from possessing an assault weapon.

    HB72 (Vote NO!) Badon has introduced a bill that bans the selling of knives in convenience stores.

    HB75 (Vote NO!) Badon has introduced a bill that establishes a state ballistic fingerprint database and databank.

    HB76 Badon has introduced a bill to send more information to the FBI.

    HB529 (Vote NO!) Monica has introduced a bill creating the crime of unlawful possession of a handgun while riding a motorcycle.

    All of the committee contact info is available on that link I posted above.

    Folks, we need to stay on top of our legislators. Laws do not happen by accident. They happen because our elected officials vote for or against them. THIS is your chance to affect what passes and what doesn’t. Please take the time to call or write your representatives and the people on these committees. There are only so many people who care about your rights- don’t assume someone else will do this for you.

    If you are not subscribed to the LA ALERT email list, please do so now, that you might be informed of these types of things when they occur.

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    There is one more bill to call in about.

    Badon has introduced a bill creating the crime of illegally supplying a felon with ammunition. At first glance, this may not seem too objectionable to some members. However, we do need to oppose this. There are already laws in place regarding felons owning firearms. This simply duplicates existing results, and is a potential stepping stone to many more obstacles to law abiding citizens. This current law does not currently clearly require background checks on ammunition purchases, but it is certainly the next logical step for gun control advocates. The anti-gun lobby has begun heavily attacking ammunition sales lately, and we need to defend ammunition as heavily as firearms in order to keep our Second Amendment rights strong.

    HB73 Author: A.BADON Summary: Creates the crime of illegally supplying a felon with ammunition

    Links to complete info about this bill are available at the same address:

    If you are willing to put some extra effort into seeing these bills through, we have fliers available for you to print out and bring to your local range, gun shops, etc. We need to get the word out to as many people as possible.
    Gun bill flier in MS Word format
    Gun bill flier in Adobe PDF format

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    Hello Fellow Gun Enthusiasts,

    This is an important week for gun rights in Louisiana. As some of you may be aware, two pro-gun bills have passed their respective committees, and the floor vote for HB 199 in particular will likely be VERY soon (early this week).

    NOW is the time to CALL (not email) your representatives and urge them to vote in FAVOR of HB 199, the bill that allows lawful concealed carriers to have their weapon in Gun Free School Zones, AKA Defense-free Criminal Safe Zones.

    The man who originally wrote this bill sent this to us:



    Be aware for floor debate that HR 199 has the approval of the Student Senate at LSU! See the article in LSU campus newspaper: l-3334480.shtml][/url]

    Apparently the student body president at LSU tried to veto the resolution. How one can veto a resolution (as opposed to a bill) is beyond me. A resolution simply expresses the view of the quasi-legislative body (in this case, the student senate). That body has spoken, and their view remains the same. No veto can change that.

    Please be aware also that Utah has for several years permitted concealed-carry on campus, and the university has not erupted into "the wild, wild West." I am unaware that there have been any incidents in Utah.

    How many more students must die before the legislature hears the logic of HB 199?


    He also sent these links for your consideration:

    The concealed-carry experience in Utah:

    Arguments for concealed carry:

    TV coverage:

    To find our who your state representative is:

    To find out how to contact that state representative:

    Now is the time to call, folks. Our representatives need to hear from us.


    Micha Petty

    Webmaster & List coordinator, Louisiana Carry

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