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Thread: Tennessee handgun legislation or the lack of

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    Well fellow Tennesseeans here is where we stand on gun legislation for this year.

    Naifeh's votes help kill gun bills

    By THEO EMERY • Staff Writer • March 20, 2008

    House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh made an unusual visit Wednesday to a subcommittee hearing to cast votes that killed several handgun bills, including one that would have allowed diners to carry guns into restaurants.

    Naifeh, who can cast votes in any House committee or subcommittee of his choosing, voted in three roll call votes that helped defeat bills in the Criminal Practice Subcommittee, as well as in a voice vote that defeated a fourth bill.

    The votes killed a bill that would have permitted faculty and staff at public schools to carry handguns, one that would have allowed handguns in state parks and one that would have allowed people voluntarily committed to mental hospitals to get handgun licenses.The fourth bill would have allowed guns in restaurants. The sponsor, Rep. Curry Todd, a Collierville Republican, said he was disappointed the bill died, and promised to bring it back next year. A similar bill, which has passed in the Senate and was recently the subject of a humorous spot on a late night comedy show, was deferred for two weeks. After the bills were voted down, Republicans criticized Naifeh, D-Covington, in a press release, saying that the committee was "stacked" for the vote and accusing him of "brazenly political efforts to scuttle commonsense rights for gun owners."
    "I am disappointed that the Democratic leadership continually eats away at our most basic rights," House Republican Caucus Chairman Glen Casada, R-College Grove, said in the statement.

    Addison Pate, the spokesman for the House Democrats, responded that "good legislation passes, bad legislation fails, regardless of the partisan side that the sponsor may be on."

    Two other bills — one that would make applications for handgun carry permits confidential, the other that would make it a felony offense to publish carry permit information — passed a Senate committee Wednesday and are headed to floor votes. The House versions were delayed two weeks in subcommittees.

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    It truly was a sad day for TN.
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