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Thread: Strange sight at the range today...

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    So while I was the range today, I noticed a rather shy looking man getting ready to shoot. He was wearing black slacks and a white button-up shirt. While he was waiting for a cease fire, I heard quiet radio traffic coming from his direction. After closer inspection I noticed a very small radio looking thing on his belt. It kinda just looked like a round black speaker and nothing else. I heard a little more chatter and verified that it was definately on a law enforcement channel.

    So he pulled a Glock out of a plastic case and loaded his mags. I couldn't help but watch him shoot off his first few rounds. He aimed in, and looked like he had a decent stance and grip. He fired one round, and I couldn't see an impact anywhere on target placed at 7 yds. He fired again, and he hit far right well outside of the sillouette. A couple follow-up shots landed high, low, to the left, etc. I think he nicked the sleeve of the sillouette at one point. Other than that, no hits on target.

    As I was shooting, I noticed that he consistantly attempted a double-tap every time someone else on the range did. After he had emptied a 50 rd box, he left, leaving his target down range. Out of 50 rds, he had 6 hits in the sillouette, 1 near center-of-mass, and 0 in the kill zone.

    Now I never saw a badge or anything, but the attire and radio lead me to believe he was in law enforcement. That fact, coupled with his level of accuracy (or complete lack there of) was down right chilling. I just don't understand how anyone could be so horrible! The person I was shooting with that day had only ever shot one other time in her life and she was infinitely better than this guy.

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    You should see the walls at one ofour local ranges, FIREPOWER in Matthews, not the one in Monroe. A law enforcement agency that will remain nameless (cuz the owner wouldn't tell me who it was) brought several officers in for some "playtime" with their over-priced sidearms. Not only could they not hit the targets but the walls in this place look like someone was lobbing frag grenades downrange. If anyone has been in there lately they've probably seen what I'm talking about. If you don't want a cop to shoot you in this area.........just stand in front of him!

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