My open carry story (eventless!)

Well, today was a planned day with the girlfriend. I had to house sit for my brother down in the Clairemont area so I took her down and we spent the day cooking, watching a movie, walking around, etc. On each trip out of the house I open carried my Tracker .44Mag with a speedloader in the left pocket and there was not a peep. A list of the places that we went:

-Through the neighborhood to corner neighborhood Albertsons to get some produce for making pasta sauce and salad. I had my brother's dog with me (training to be a service dog, but had no vest.) Absolutely no problems. One lady did ask me about a leash, but I said it was a dog in training and that we were just about to leave anyways. I threw my keys on the floor and made the dog pick them up to emphasize the point. She believed me about the dog and went on her way. Checked out, walked home.

-Went to Blockbuster to pick out a movie (Last of the Mohicans). I drove to this place, carrying the firearm in a locked bag per Kalifornia rules and holstered it before walking in. Not a peep from anyone, not even a raised eyebrow.

-Went to Ralphs across the way. Went to pick out some beer for the girlfriend and some strawberries for dessert. Again, not a peep.

All in all, an absolutely splendid day. I plan to keep on open carrying in my home town of Escondido (aka Esconghetto) and in other associated areas.

Peace out, I need to go to bed!