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    The front page says "Ca is not a traditional open carry state." Yes it is and was a loaded open carry state from state hood to 1978(?) with adoption of the "black panther" inspired 12031 loaded law. Also the reference to a 12050 loaded exposed licenseis not helpful as that license is not issued and causes some confusion among those who read it believing OC is not legal out side of those small counties.

    Also People vs Clark is equally important perhaps more so then P. vs Knight. (as some of us know it was based on a poor reading of the law)

    And our pamphlets should be listed on that front page for easy reference.

    So how do we get these changes made?

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    Where exactly does it say it on the front page? I can't find it.

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    The information there is woefully inaccurate.

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    I submitted a ton of recommendations for this when they were first asking for volunteers to be 'state administrators.' I even volunteered to do all the updating, and even offered to moderate the CA section of the forum. I got no response on that e-mail... so I'm not sure why this isn't happening. My guess is that they either aren't set up to have 50 people updating the website at once... or maybe they just gave up on the project altogether.

    I'll try to get in touch with whoever is in charge and see if we can get this taken care of. If I don't get anywhere with that, I can always host a reference website and just keep a thread bumped to the top (like the OC flier).

    If I don't post an update in the next 7 days please jog my memory.
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