This bill HB-503 will allow employees to have guns in their locked cars on the property of where they are employed.

It has passed the House and is off to the Senate where it is expected to pass.

Also SB-1130 by Senator Durell Peaden (R-Crestview)will protect your right to have a firearm in your car or truck for self-defense and other lawful purposes.
A series of anti-gun amendments including "assault weapons" amendments were defeated! ThisSenate bill is also now ready for the Senate floor.

Be sure and write and call your Senators to vote yea. And if you live in Fl. please encourage Crist to sign it. Remember, always be polite, be yourself and make your case.

Keep abreast of it as it/they move through the Senate by checking out NRA's website every so often.

The HB-503 bill originally stated any gun owner but gave in a little bit to apply only to a CCW holder, I'm ok with that, though personally, I'd like tosee CC or OC eveninside the workplace itself : )

The measure would exempt certain businesses from having to allow the guns, including schools, prisons, nuclear power plants, defense-related businesses and those that deal with explosive materials. Also exempted would be company-owned or leased cars.

Being in the car to me is almost useless, unless I'm able to run to my car while someone else is getting shot at, which is pretty unlikely.

But, I guess, the closer the better.

Upward and onward to open carry!

Oh and you can bet I'll be writing Crist who is"thinking about signing it" despite seeing on one website he was a co-sponsor of the bill. I'm thinking one or the other must be true, it would be a little strange if they both were true yes?

Unless of course some big business interests came along.

Please take note of the five Republicans who did not vote for it, I think they need to hear from you.