I just learned that "it was theUSF that lead the fight and fought tirelessly for 7 years to pass "shall issue" Right to Carry legislation to reform Florida's oppressive concealed carry law. That landmark legislation has now become model legislation for the nation."

I think it is a good idea to show appreciation and at the very least became a sponsoring member it is headed by past NRA President Marion Hammer and they have done and continue to do great things for gun owners in Fla.

Here is a link to how they fought and won to keep your NRA membership and even the fact that you are a gun owner private and out of the court's prying eyes.


Here is a link to join the USF, you will need to print the document, complete it and mail in with your chosen form of payment.


If this info has been previously posted, I apologize, I did perform a search before posting this and nothing came up so here it is for your viewing pleasure