I note that the varous county level political parties in Utah will be holding their political conventions soon. The first of these will be held on Saturday the 12th of April in Wasatch County.

In 2007, the Utah legislature passed a private school voucher bill that infuriated the perpetually anti-RKBA teachers' union. The union managed to gather enough signatures to force a public vote on the bill and the bill never became law.

Fast forward to today and the teachers' union has mounted a massive effort to unseat legislators who voted in favor of the voucher law. This would all be off topic here EXCEPT for two facts:

1-With rare exception, legislators who voted for vouchers also tend to vote to support our RKBA.

2-With even more rare exception, candidates supported by the teachers' union are very hostile to our RKBA.

We have some of the best self-defense and carry laws in the nation. But NONE of that in engraved in stone and if the teachers' union manages to unseat a lot of pro-RKBA legislators we could see direct attacks on our ability to carry in public, to OC, increased fees for permits to CC, etc. At the very least, we will not make any progress in improving our gun laws if the teachers' union scores many wins.

Some of our strongest allies are under serious attack. This includes Sens. Waddoups (the original sponsor of Utah's shall issue law), Madsen (sponsor of the "Katrina no confiscation bill that passed, and parking lot preemption that was defeated in the house), and Buttars (who litterally got up off his death bed last year to chair a committee to advance Madsen's pro-RKBA bill to the full floor of the Senate). On the House side friends such as Rep Curt Oda and Sandstrom also face challenges.

I note that Speaker Curtis and House Rules Chair Steve Urquhart also face challenges over their voucher support, but both were VERY hostile to RKBA this year and more or less single handedly killed some of our best bills. BOTH deserve to be defeated by gun owners. Speaker Curtis is seaking re-election to his seat. Rep Urquhart is running for the Senate seat vacated by Bill Hickman's retirement.

PLEASE, check your local area, and volunteer to help our friends. OR, if you are able and willing to do a day trip or two to another convention, let me know via PM.