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Thread: My walk through my neighborhood.

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    I've carried through my neighborhood (cold springs)a lot and never attracted much notice. Today however I decided to walk around and pick up garbage off of the road. (I got the idea from the thread in the NHforum).

    One gentleman saw me from his yard and asked if I had a CCW to which I replied that it was unnecessary as long as I am not concealing. I don't remember exactly the chronological order of the discussion I had, but it went something like this:

    He asked me my name and where I lived and I was honest with him (I showed him my drivers license to prove who I was, for his comfort.), and he opined that I shouldn't carry openly because there were children around. I asked him what his point was, and he said, "Well, um, there are children around here, and you've got a gun." and he went on about something about being careful around children. It was quite an illogical argument.I didn't say anything, but i was thinking, where AREN'T there children around?

    I told him that I believed strongly in the right to bear arms, and that I felt doing so openlyis the best way to expose it to people. He then said "I support the right, but carrying openly is exposing it too much." I told him that I disagreed. He told me to at least take what he told me into my consideration. I said I would keep what he said in mind and I said good bye.

    Right as I was walking away a police car drove by and stopped about 10-15 yards in front of me for about5 seconds.And then they drove off. I doubt it was related in any way, but it was coincidental enough to wonder if I was about to have a confrontation with the police.

    On my way back home to throw the trash away (I gathered a whole trashbag full of it) someone I didn't even see asked me from his yard, "What are you shooting?" I was a bit caught off guard by the question and thought he was asking me what I had so I said (probably appearing dumb) "Oh, this is just my revolver" And then when I realized what he said, I said "I'm not shooting anything, just collecting garbage." I felt pretty dumb because of my less than satisfactory responses, but its hard to answer every question that comes your way when they surprise you.I seem to remember seeing H&K stickers on hishouse a long time back so probably he thought I took whatever was in the bag to shoot at (I picked up from a dirt lot quite a bit of big garbage like pieces of metal, and VCR in about 12 pieces, and I had a big 1" thick piece of cable sticking out of the bag), so it would be natural to think I had just executed some piece of hardware. (I do actuallywalk by this street a lot when I actually am walking out to the desert to shoot cans.)

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    I was talking to someone about this issue of open carry and they said 'well, I guess I could stand on the street corner in a speedo and not be arrested---but why do it? It just isn't the thing to do in public'. It's just become a cultural taboo and I guess the only way to break the cycle is for more of us to carry open. What's odd is that there are a number of events around Carson City and Virginia city where lots of folks from the gunfighter clubs are walking around with the old Colt 45's. That doesn't bother folks, but a modern firearm being carried seems too andI sure can't see the difference.

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