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Thread: Library posts notice banning guns at north branch (Jackson, Madison County)

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    • April 3, 2008

    If you're looking for a book in North Jackson, don't bring your gun.
    Two weeks ago, Jackson-Madison County Library officials posted notices near the entrances of the library's branch off North Highland Avenue warning visitors that firearms are not allowed inside.Arlene Griffin, who manages the library's north branch, said library officials decided to put up the signs after a frequent patron asked her if he could bring his gun inside.
    The patron has a permit to carry a gun but left the gun in his car, she said.
    "He said, 'Is this something I should not do later on?'" Griffin said.
    Griffin said she contacted Jackson police about state law. Police advised her to post the signs.
    "It's one of those weird things that came up," Griffin said. "I haven't noticed anybody carrying."
    She said no library users had asked about the signs, but readers said Wednesday that they had noticed the warnings.
    Mark Sinclair said he first spotted the signs about a week ago.
    "I don't know why anybody should bring a gun in here," said Sinclair, 45, of Jackson. "It makes sense, but I don't know why you would have to spell it out."
    Janice Henry said she had noticed the signs in recent weeks when she stopped by for reference material for her management class.
    She said she has never worried about someone bringing a gun into the library, but understands why the signs were posted.
    "Obviously people shouldn't bring guns to places like this building, but they do," said Henry, 45, also from Jackson.
    There are no immediate plans to post warnings at the library's main downtown branch, Library Director Richard Salmons said.
    "We're not looking to put up any signage," he said. "But that issue could change if someone comes and asks for it."
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    I wonder why the HCP holder thought the library was off-limits in the first place anyway? ....and if he wasn't sure, why ask the manager?
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