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Thread: New VCDL Blog, The Sentinel

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    Love the name, about time for VCDL to get one.

    VCDL is pleased to announce a new dimension in our efforts to keep the
    membership informed of state level concerns and firearm rights issues  
    in general. Two of our members, Curtis Stone and Clint Kritzer,  
    created a new blog endorsed by the leadership of the organization.
    The blog will be moderated to make sure that it stays family friendly.
    This, in concert with the VA-ALERT system, will help keep VCDL  
    membership the best  informed and energized grass roots pro-rights  
    organization in the nation.
    Check us out daily for late breaking news and commentary from the  
    front line of the war to preserve our rights. This is another avenue  
    for you to contribute your suggestions and opinions on current efforts
    and issues. If you are already a blogger, please link to us and help  
    keep your readers informed of the happenings in the Commonwealth.
    The link to the newest tool in our fight to defend OUR Right to Keep  
    and Bear Arms in Virginia is:

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    Congrats VCDL on the new blog! Looks great!

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