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Thread: New anti-gun group?

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    I've got more on my blog, so please check it out and spread the word. We should keep our eyes on this, because of their association with some of the other anti-gun groups, including WAVE.

    Editorial: Casualties together
    One bullet can have many victims, which is why a new campaign to reduce gun violence in metro Milwaukee will attempt to engage everyone in the cause.
    From the Journal Sentinel
    Posted: April 9, 2008
    It starts with angry words and shoves exchanged on a city sidewalk between two teenage boys. Suddenly, one takes out a handgun and pulls the trigger. The boy who has been shot falls backward to the ground in slow motion and, one by one, other people fall as well - a waitress, an office worker, a woman in her kitchen, a priest.

    "If we call ourselves a community, maybe it's time we realized gun violence isn't someone else's problem," a woman's voice says. "Eventually, we all feel the impact."

    The 30-second public service TV announcement is powerful. Given the gravity of the problem, it had to be. It's part of a larger campaign, to be launched at 1 p.m. Thursday at Discovery World, to motivate everyone in the greater Milwaukee area to get behind efforts to reduce gun violence.

    Then, the goal is to educate the community about local programs that already have shown success in reducing firearm violence and to motivate business, community leaders and others to fight this insidious problem by helping to provide jobs, funding and willingness to mentor kids at risk for being victims or perpetrators of violence.

    Serve, a nonprofit advertising firm, helped put the One Milwaukee Gun Violence Campaign together with the Milwaukee County district attorney's office, the mayor's office and the Milwaukee Police Department. Impressive coalition. Compelling message. We hope it sinks in.
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    Same topic, different story:

    MILWAUKEE - A provocative public service announcement hopes to get a community behind stopping gun violence.

    The images aired on every Milwaukee TV station Thursday night at 10:10.

    The images in the commercial are disturbing. They show how the path of one bullet affects us all.

    "One of the most difficult parts of the job that I have is receiving the phone call that someone has been killed in this city,” Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said.

    A press conference at Pier Wisconsin with the mayor, police chief and the district attorney was the first push to get people to pay attention to what's happening on Milwaukee’s streets.

    "The entire state has a vested interest in the success of this city,” Mayor Barrett said.

    Police Chief Edward Flynn has made progress in his three months on the job. Now, he's calling for tougher enforcement of the law.

    "They know they're going to get fairly light time in prison. In their mind, it makes sense to carry the gun,” Chief Flynn said.
    Comment: We need to send a few e-mails. I'm swamped at work right now, so if someone else can research e-mail addresses and get a form letter posted that we can customize and send, that would be great.


    One Milwaukee released a remarkable PSA called "One Shot," we strongly encourage you to watch it. (see the above link)

    The campaign is similar to one that placed digitally altered photos of pregnant boys on billboards and the sides of buses.

    Gun-specific section of One Milwaukee website:

    One Milwaukee website:

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