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    I Hit the grand foods on 169th and parrish with my gun in the open and the 2 arab guys behind the counter looked a little spooked, like they have never seen it before.I was on a run for a lot of people soI was leisurely shopping for 20 mins or so, and theguys never once said a word. Thank you, have a good evening" and that's it.


    I hit the Witham's gas stationon 165th (I am theredaily)and got 2 of the ladies behind thecounter calling the hammond police monday to get thier permits.The only"negative" commentsI got were,"Is that legal?" (they know me! always on the up and up)then theone thatthrew me a little "ooohhh Gangsta!" (seeing as I'm not)Butstill, 2 places down with open carry!

    Going to more places todayto seewhere we are welcome with no negativity... ThinkI might hitWal-Mart, LOL yeah right.

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    ThinkI might hitWal-Mart, LOL yeah right.
    Done it several times in the wally mart here. No problem.

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    I havn't run into a problem yet. Been carrying all over on the south side of indy. Wal mart, meyjer, target. multiple fast food places(hit chic fila today), gas stations and restaurants. Had a few dirty looks. But so far so good.
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