The Washington County GOP convention is this Saturday, April 19th in St. George. Rep. Steve Urquhart is running for the Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Bill Hickman's retirement. He is opposed in convention.

As I hope all remember, Steve Urquhart misused his power as chair of the House Rules Committee to kill our two most important bills this year. Sen. Madsen's "Parking Lot Preemption" bill would have protected your ability to defend youself while driving to and from work without fear of being fired over keeping a legal gun locked in your car. It passed the Senate overwhelmingly and while we had the votes in the House, Urquhart assigned it to a VERY hostile committee where it died.

He also used his power and influence to introduce a very hostile amendment to Curt Oda's bill to clarify existing law as allowing OC pursuant to a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Legislative leadership actually asked us to run this bill to clarify this issue, then stabbed us in the back with this hostile amendment at the last moment.

Steve Urquhart represents the single most visible enemy gun owners currently have in the Utah legislature.

I will handing out flyers urging the delegates to vote for anyone but Urquhart.

I will NOT be supporting nor endorsing his opponent, nor even mentioning her by name, but I note here that he does have a credible opponent for this seat. While she is not a firebrand on RKBA, neither has she stabbed us in the back or lied to us.

Is anyone going to be in St. George and available to help pass out flyers?

Please PM me.


Charles Hardy