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    ok well, it wasnt all that big of a deal...

    i went to ye olde gun shoppe yesterday to pay the fees for my CCH class... while i was there i picked up a cheap nylon OC belt holster...

    strapped it on in the parking lot and holstered up... now i didnt have any ammo with me, but thats ok i was mainly concerned with how comfortable it would be to drive with it on...

    so on the way home, i needed some smokes, and stopped at the gas station... the guy at the station seemed kinda odd when i walked in, but he lightened up when i started talking to him...

    as i was driving out, i noticed a marked police cruiser was parked on the other side of the station, so im guessing the cop was in the back room somewhere... i kinda smiled, and just drove home...

    i learned several things...

    1. i need a tighter belt...
    2. i need a swivle holster
    3. keeping my hand off my gun wasnt as hard as i thought it would be
    4. i was 10 times more aware of my surroundings when i was carrying
    5. i was a much more cautious driver (see below question)
    6. i need a lighter gun, or a better holster
    now my concern was as follows

    first of all, my gun was very difficult to see while i was driving, the seatbelt covered it almost completely... i am concerned that if pulled over, the cop will say i was concealing

    i also learned that i need to remove my holster before comming into my house... my wife kinda looked like :what: when she saw it and my 2 year old wanted to pull on the big black thing hanging from daddys belt...

    other than that, it wasnt too bad of an experience

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    Welcome to the world of OC. You will find it gets easier, the more you do it.

    A good belt is really a must-have item, you may find the problems are more with the belt, than the holster. I don't think a swivel holster is necessary for most people, just find one with the right cant, and figure out the best position on your belt to wear it.

    With the right belt and holster, even a heavy gun can become so comfortable, you forget you have it on...sort of. (You never really forget, but you get so used to it, that it isn't always the first thing on your mind.)

    And yes, the 2 year old will be curious at first. Mine was. Wear it around the house for a few days, and eventually it will be just another ordinary thing for him, and his curiousity will turn to something else.

    Nice to see yet another OC'er in NC.

    Carry Safe, Carry Often,

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    Like Grim said, you have to start with a good belt. As far as the family goes, I say wear it. Your wife is an adult she can get over it. The 2 yr old will quickly get used to it being on you, and at the same time it's never too early to teach respect for firearms.

    The question of whether your gun is "concealed" if it's on your belt while you're sitting in your car has not been definitively answered by official opinion or case law. Logic would state that, if you sit in an arm chair while carrying openly, the gun does not become concealed simply because someone can't see it. I believe this should apply to sitting in a vehicle as well. Whether the cop that pulls you over thinks that way to, we can't be sure.

    Because of the uncertainties involved here, I would suggest you do a couple of things. First of all, don't get pulled over. Secondly, keep the firearm in your holster. Every time you handle and move the firearm, you increase the unfortunate chance of an accidental discharge. Lastly, if you do happen to get pulled over, simply move the firearm to the passenger seat or dash board BEFORE the LEO exits his vehicle. You obviously don't want to be handling the firearm in view of the LEO.

    One more thing. Please don't carry in public withan empty gun. I know you said it was mainly to see how it felt in the vehicle, and that is fine. The problem is when you went into the gas station. IF something had happened, there's no way it could have turned out well with an empty gun on your belt. :?

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