I don't mind the intent of gun laws. Certainly, disarming criminals is something I don't think anyone can argue with. There are two major problems.

First, gun laws don't work. Whether current laws are difficult to enforce, not strongly enforced, or too restrictive upon 2A protection (and thus opposed by every law-abiding citizen) is up for debate. But the real point is not that we're not catching enough criminals (the world will always have criminals), but rather, we're prosecuting too many innocents! Isn't the basis of our judicial system that it's better to let 10 guilty men walk free than incorrectly punish 1 innocent man?

Second, gun laws VARY TOO MUCH. I carry my firearm everywhere I go in Las Vegas. Sometimes I OC, sometimes I CC. But if I go about my normal daily activites back home visiting my family in Maryland, I would be approached by law enforcement at gun point, face planted in the pavement, disarmed, and locked in jail. Same exact activity, same exact behavior. In Nevada, I'm a normal American citizen minding his own business. In Maryland, I'm a dangerous criminal worthy of a prison sentence. Fortunately, I don't accidentally stumble into Maryland, so I can obviously take precautions not to become a "criminal". But what about those who live in Virginia on the Maryland border? These law-abiding citizens risk becoming FELONS by simply driving across a bridge or by making a wrong turn. How does this benefit the public?

Brady Bunch, you want gun control? I can get behind you. Standardize gun laws nationwide, make enforcement against criminals easier, make penalties harsher, and most important, do it without infriging on the rights of the public. It's possible. We're on the same side. We want to stop violent criminals too. We only seem like the "enemy" because you're going too far with your efforts and only make it EASIER for violent crimes to occur by disarming law-abiding citizens. Stop letting our reaction to your extreme efforts cloud the fact that we BOTH want the same thing - a world free of violent crime.