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Thread: Michigan House Bills 4490 and 4491 pass House

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    For those of you in Michigan (isn't that everyone/everytime?)that have to get their guns "Safety Inspected" when a firearm is purchased:

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    PA-Carry wrote:
    For those of you in Michigan (isn't that everyone/everytime?)that have to get their guns "Safety Inspected" when a firearm is purchased:
    I thought the Bill(s) would also eliminate the License to Purchase for those without a CPL...Guess I was wrong.

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    Below is an analysis of the proposed law on the elimination of safety inspections. The law would eliminate these inspections, but you still need a license to own, purchase, etc.a handgun. You can get the license from your local LOE office. After getting a license to own a handgun you must keep the license with you for 30 days when you have in your possession your handgun. After 30 days you do not have to have the license on you when possessing said weapon. I think CPL holders are exempt from this?????

    [size=Legislative Analysis]

    [size=Analysis available at Opsommer][/b]

    [size=House Bill 4491]

    [size=Sponsor: Rep. Joel Sheltrown]

    [size=Committee: Tourism, Outdoor Recreation, and Natural Resources]

    [size=Complete to][size=10-15-07][size=]

    [size=A SUMMARY OF HOUSE BILLS 4490 AND 4491 AS INTRODUCED][size=3-20-07][size=]

    [size=These bills would (1) eliminate the current requirement in the][size=Michigan][size= handgun licensure]

    [size=law that pistol owners obtain safety inspection certificates; (2) require that all existing]

    [size=records of inspection certificates maintained by local and state law enforcement officials be]

    [size=destroyed; and (3) eliminate the misdemeanor crime of failing to have one's pistol inspected.]

    [size=House Bill 4490 would repeal Section 9 of the handgun licensure act (MCL 28.429), which]

    [size=requires people who purchase or otherwise come into possession of a pistol in][size=Michigan][size= to]

    [size=obtain a safety inspection certificate from their local police department (or local sheriff, if]

    [size=they reside in a part of the state without an organized police department). That section also]

    [size=requires local law enforcement officials and the State Police to maintain records of safety]

    [size=inspection certificates. The bill would require state and local law enforcement officials to]

    [size=destroy all of their existing records of pistol safety inspections within one year.]

    [size=House Bill 4491 would repeal Section 228 of the Michigan Penal Code (MCL 750.228)]

    [size=under which a person who fails to have his or her pistol inspected as required is guilty of a]

    [size=misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for up to 90 days, or a fine of up to $100, or both.]

    [size=The bill would also eliminate other references to Section 9 and safety inspections contained]

    [size=in the Penal Code. House Bill 4491 is tie-barred to House Bill 4490, meaning it could not]

    [size=take effect unless both bills were enacted.]

    [size=FISCAL IMPACT]

    [size=House Bill 4490 would have an indeterminate fiscal impact on the state and on local]

    [size=governments. Some administrative costs may be associated with the destruction of safety]

    [size=inspection records by the State Police and local law enforcement agencies.]

    [size=House Bill 4491 would have an indeterminate fiscal impact on the state and on local]


    [size=Legislative Analyst: Shannan Kane]

    [size=Fiscal Analyst: Jan Wisniewski]

    * [size=This analysis was prepared by nonpartisan House staff for use by House members in their deliberations, and does]

    [size=not constitute an official statement of legislative intent.]

    An Amazon best seller "MY PARENTS OPEN CARRY"

    *The information contained above is not meant to be legal advice, but is solely intended as a starting point for further research. These are my opinions, if you have further questions it is advisable to seek out an attorney that is well versed in firearm law.

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