WINNECONNE - The tables were turned on a 22-year-old Winneconne man who called 911 when his 52-year-old father pointed an unloaded pistol at him Tuesday.

The incident began as a verbal altercation between the 22-year-old and his mother at their North Fifth Street residence. The father intervened to tell the son to stop calling his mother names and the son slapped him on the head with an open hand, sending his glasses flying. That's when the father went and got the gun, pointed it at his son and ordered him to leave.

The younger man said he called police because his parents are always yelling at him.

Police arrested the 22-year-old and took him to Winnebago County jail. Domestic disturbance charges are pending against the younger man.

A police report released by Winneconne Police painted a picture of the younger man actually being the aggressor. The father told police he knew it was wrong to point the gun at his son but he had become angry at him for his lack of respect for everyone. He wanted his son, a college student, to leave his home, the report said.

Police told the man charges could be filed against him, too.