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    Just had a "why I carry" moment, and figured I'd share.

    Down the street from my truck maybe a few hundred feet some dude (who i've seen before) left his lights on... and is going to have one terrible morning tomorrow. (I'll go throw a note say call me for a jump).

    But my "why I carry" moment... I'm too fearful of the obvious heavy drug users and various shady characters living in the neighboring apartments to warrent knocking on random doors at 9pm to be a good neighbor.

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    uncoolperson wrote:
    "why I carry"
    Because my life is just as intrinsically valuable as any police officers.
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    I carry for a myriad of reasons. Of course self defense is number one. As unfortunate as it is in today's day and age, and has it really ever been safe, there are just too many unknowns. The small towns where everyone knew each other are being developed and big city problems are being transplanted here. Not that development is bad, but you also see the undesirable effect that it brings as well. There are also just too many people out there that are unstable in their lives and could snap at anytime. Living in a town that has a lot of drug problems you see individuals who are willing to do anything, and have, to survive and get what they "need". I would rather be prepared for the worst situation than be another statistic.

    People might think it is odd or weird that I carry daily. I find it odd that they do not! I don't think you'll never meet a victim of a crime who didn't wish at the time they didn't have a means to protect themselves.

    I also carry because I strongly believe that the reason we have such a free county is because we allow citizens the right to arm themselves. If and when this world goes downhill, I will have the means to protect my family from any aggression that may arise.

    Other than that, Zombie apocalypse can happen at any moment.

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