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Thread: OC at hospital

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    I have a friend at banner hosp. T bird and 55th ave.... and I had to bring him some supplies (cell phone charger and glasses) I live 3 blocks from the hospital so I rode my Mt. bike over there OCing the whole way with my 1911...get lost around the complex couldnt find where he was waiting for me outside, finally figured it out and while talking to him outside wihile sitting on my bike I noticed this security guard pacing around acting suspicious, when I said good bye to my firne d and started to leave I heard, "hold on a second there", "are you allowed to be carring that gun around like that, I mean the cops dont have a problem with that?"

    To which I replied "your not from around here are you?"

    He said No I'm originally from Ohio, at that point I shook his hand and said welcome to Arizona, its an open carry state, as long as I don't conceal I can carry whereever I want (basically)

    His reply was "even with it loaded?":what:

    I asked him what would be the use of carrying an unloaded firearm, while smirking, then we carried on a small banter about how he was thinking about getting a ccw here blah blah blah and told me that he just had to talk to me and whatnot because there was reports of a man on a bike with a gun, to which I told him those were probably out of staters too:celebrate

    Then I went on my way...all in all, not a bad experience......

    I consider Banner Hospitals, OC friendly

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    I am originally from Ohio, as I just learned (two days) Ohio is also an OC state. A bit more restrictive and civilians are petrified of it. I lived there for 40 years and its been an OC state since 1803.

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