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Thread: Begich enters race for US Senate

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    Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich is running against Senator Stevens,the longest serving republican senator in US history. I have had my issues with Stevens over the years, but voting inBegich would be like having Tom Daschle as oursenator for the next six years.

    Begich caved under heavy pressure from letters, phone calls, and e-mails from constituentsregarding his affiliation with the Bloomberg mayors' coalitionagainst illegal guns gathering in 2006-2007. He wrote me back with a pathetic withdrawl letter to Bloomberg that suggests he stands for "stronger laws" and will continue the fight against "illegal guns" (which he did not define), despite his withdrawl from the group.

    I had thought at the time that he withdrew specifically because he knew he was going to run for this office.

    I'll try to attach a copy of that letter for those interested in reading it.

    He must not win or there will be an anti-gun voice (and vote)in the senate fromAlaska for years to come!!
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