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Thread: Alligator enters home - 911 call made

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    Not sure what Florida law is regarding alligatorsbut thisseems like it could potentially be a serious home defense situation, particularly if children or pets are present. Would you have fled and waited for police or confronted the beast?

    The 911 dispatcher didn't seem concerned and even questioned the poor lady on what it is that she saw. She didn't ask that many questions either, like are children in the house, etc. Unbelievable.

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    We had a little 4 footer in the pond outside my apartment in Charleston, SC and my neighbor calledto warn me not to step outside as he was 5 feet from my door! When I called Animal Control said they won't even come for anything less that 5 feet!

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    Just tell them it was going after you, shot it , and then eat it.

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