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Thread: Shooting on land next to a road

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    What is the legality of shooting on land immediately adjacent to a "State Route." I tried looking for an RCW but couldn't find anything about State Routes.

    Assume safe conditions, back drop, shooting away from the road (90 degree angle).

    IIRC it's illegal to shoot within a set distance from a Interstate, at least I have a vuage memory of hearing that.
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    I too was wondering about this... I was told the other day that the beach (westport, wa) is state park and consider a state highway or state route. So shooting on it is illegal. Can anyone back that up?

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    RCW 77.15.460

    From the Washington state Hunters Phamplet

    Discharging a firearm from,across, or along the maintained portion of any public highway,regardless of surface, is prohibited, except for disabled hunters in compliance with WAC232-12-828. Page 12

    I am sure there is a restriction in the WAC specifing the number of feet you must be from a road but I have been unable to locate it. Seems like it was 150 yards but I am far from sure. I also don't know if there are exclusions.

    From the US forest Service

    Duck hunters questions about them enforcing their rules came up with this. Officials with the US Forest Service (USFS) offered assurances to Gun Week that such a situation could never happen, and at press time were researching the history of the questionable regulation, which prohibits shooting of any kind within 150 yards of a residence, building, campsite, developed recreation site or occupied area, or National Forest System road or adjacent body of water.

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