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GOUtah! Alert #299 – 24 April 2008

Today’s Maxim of Liberty:

"The whole of the Bill (of Rights) is a declaration of the right of  
the people at large or considered as individuals.... It establishes  
some rights of the individual as unalienable and which consequently,  
no majority has a right to deprive them of."

-- Albert Gallatin of the New York Historical Society, October 7, 1789


Would you like to spend 15 minutes spearheading the defense of your  
Second-Amendment rights in Utah?  If you happen to be a delegate to  
the Utah County Republican Convention this Saturday, we could use  
your help to hand out one-page flyers for just a few minutes at a  
particular time and location.  If you’re a delegate and would like to  
know more details about this plan, please send an e-mail message to  
N. W. Clayton (GOUtah!’s director of Communications) at prior to 7:00 p.m. Friday. Thanks.


Here’s a great news item about the “empty holster” protests going on  
at college and university campuses across the country this week,  
including a protest conducted by several dozen students at Virginia  
Tech.  These protests are being sponsored by Students for Concealed  
Carry on Campus ( ), a national  
organization formed a few days after the Virginia Tech massacre last  
year.  Students with concealed-firearm permits are visibly carrying  
empty holsters on campuses nationwide this week.  Read more about it  

We in Utah are fortunate to have a law that requires all state-owned  
elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, vocational schools,  
colleges, and universities to allow the carrying of firearms on  
campus by concealed-weapon permit-holders (although we’d like to see  
the permit requirement be removed).  Furthermore, there is no legal  
prohibition in our state against concealed carry by permit holders at  
private schools.  Unfortunately, some private universities in Utah  
have policies against this practice.  Nonetheless, Utah is, overall,  
in much better shape than other states with regard to the carrying of  
self-defense weapons on campus.

Progress has been made in other states over the past year, however.   
At least one state has passed a law allowing limited concealed carry  
on college campuses by military veterans and people who are enlisted  
in the National Guard.  This law doesn’t go nearly far enough,  
obviously, but it’s a small step in the right direction.  Other  
states are considering laws to allow permit holders to carry on  
campus in varying degrees.  Most state legislatures, however, remain  
reluctant to take the big step that Utah took several years ago when  
our current statutes were passed.  We Utahns should be proud to be at  
the cutting edge of social evolution with respect to protecting the  
right to carry self-defense weapons at institutions of higher  
learning.  The catch. of course, is that the aging ex-hippies running  
the University of Utah will continue to pressure the Legislature each  
and every year to ban self-defense weapons on campus.  All that needs  
to happen is for a few key members of the leadership of the State  
Legislature to cave in to the U's silly demands one year.  So we as  
gun owners need to engage in as much political activity as we can to  
kick anti-gun legislators out of office (or at least create political  
pain for them every time they stab us in the back) and help pro-gun  
legislators get re-elected (and, just as importantly, help get them  
appointed to leadership positions).

Regarding the Virginia Tech incident, Mark Steyn wrote the following  
analysis one year ago.  It’s worth re-reading: 

That concludes GOUtah! Alert #299 – 24 April 2008.
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