Went to my bro-in-law's house down in graham.

Stopped at a 7-11 to get gas and a diet coke. On the way into the store a guy who was behind me said "must be nice to have a permit" I politely informed him that there is no permit required to open-carry a firearm in washington; so long as your legally able to own one. This surprised him and i gave him a copy of the WGR pamphlet.

Continued to southhill mall (in puyallup) and walked through it visiting several stores with my wife and kids. Nothing of note; though my wife said that all the teenagers around me were suddenly quieter when we walked by; I didnt notice. Also OC'd at the puyallup safeway, no issue. As a matter of interest, the southhill mall has a puyallup PD station right inside it.

All in all a good day....stay safe